5 top benefits of using android phones

Statistics about android users

According to a market share of mobile operating systems worldwide research, it was discovered that 74.13% of the world population uses an android device. While 85.89% of Nigeria internet users use an Android phone. That’s massive! Statistics here

On average, 80% of Android users have an email and at least a social media account. Which explains why most websites are being accessed via mobile phone. Without controversy, this percentage will increase at an alarming rate because companies keep producing “madass” smartphones tailored to meet end-users’ needs.

Let’s take a tour together; when you purchase an android phone, you’re mandated to register a Google account, you’ll readily see some social media icons calling for your attention boom! Just one click you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Isn’t it quite amazing how you can log on to any social media account with just a click on – “sign up with Google”? Yes! your Google account does the magic and helps you save your password.

Those are like the basics for every android user. However, there are many benefits to the android phone than receiving calls, text messages, mobile banking, email, WhatsApp, and social media. It’s far beyond TikTok my dear! It’s a full package designed for human advantage.

Here are the 5 top benefits of using android phones

1. A powerful tool to type all sorts of documents from the doc, to pdf, to ppt (PowerPoint), and excel format.

office tool

I mean you can prepare your PowerPoint slide for any form of presentation. You can also leverage the mobile excel application for your spreadsheet needs. In short, you can utilize almost 80% of the Microsoft office package on your android device. Gone are those days when students cannot prepare project reports until they have access to a PC. 

With an android phone, you stand the benefit of building really interesting documents. I have done it and I have students that I have trained who are enjoying the benefits.


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