5 top benefits of using android phones

2. Cloud Computing made easy.

I had training on Microsoft Office 365 packages and I found out I could collaborate with the team in real-time. I do not need to be sharing file up and down, with just a link, others can have access to my document.

As a creative, you must learn how to use google docs and Google Drive. Any document saved in Google Docs can be accessed on any device! All you need is to sign in to your Google account and open your document,  continue where you stop. It’s that easy. With google drive, you have extra storage capacity. I have my files backup in the cloud which has made me enjoyed enough memory space on my android phone. 

3. A Powerful Marketing Tool.

marketing tool

The usage of laptops is great and very efficient but, not everyone has the financial capacity to buy one. Your android phone can be used to access various marketing tools on social media and get your business to fly. WhatsApp status, Facebook ads, Instagram for business, Tiktok, twitter, etc.are powerful marketing platforms. Don’t just waste data by reading others, let people locate you too.

I spend enough time on my android phone to access my data analytics and page insights. The beautiful thing is: all of these applications have mobile versions that are compatible with android phones.

4. A powerful graphics designing tool! 

graphics design tool

Gaining mastery over your smartphone opens you to limitless opportunities! On your Android device, you can design 3D logos, Flyers for business, labels, banners, etc. Whatever is your business branding need, you can leverage on your android phone to do it. That’s not all, you can also design 3D and Whiteboard explainer videos, you can create promotional videos to market your brand and you can do the same for people to make money.

Android phones are designed for the benefit of SMEs. Every graphics design on my websites is 100% done with my android phone. I have a good number of students that are learning graphics design in my digital mentor class. You can click on the WhatsApp icon on this page to enroll. Android phones have enough benefits to make you a better person if only you can learn the art.


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