What if Monday to Friday are the Weekends; while Saturday and Sunday are the Weekdays, Will the weekend still be for Holidays?

It’s quite hilarious how we flow with the trends we grow with without much questioning. The moment you start having a thought that’s against the status quo, you are either a weirdo or you are practically missing out on a great deal.

While I strongly believe that there are norms, I also believe that change is constant and anyone can change the narrative irrespective of who started it. Okay, before you come with an attack of what the holy book taught about working for six days and resting the seventh day, I think you should just imagine our calendar was designed wrongly.

Don’t you think the beginning of a new week in the calendar could have been the end of a week or even a midweek? Maybe there is nothing like 24 hours, maybe all of these were put in place to determine the way we think, act, and see things. Which accounts for your birthday, celebration because the Calendar said so.

No one dares change what date the calendar confirms, we work and walk by the message given to us either by our watch or calendar. If the weather is dark and it’s 1 pm, science has an explanation to make us understand it’s not night yet.

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Is Entrepreneurship the Solution to Unemployment in Nigeria or the Advent of Another?

Most of the time we tend to see entrepreneurship as the solution to the unemployment condition of Nigeria, but in the real sense is it truly the solution or another disaster waiting to happen?

Nigeria Economy and system is one that makes life difficult for the common man, after spending years at the University, a common man finds it hard to get a befitting job. About 21.7 Million Youths are unemployed in Nigeria as at the time of writing this post, some of the employed are over-utilized and underpaid. It seems this order is going to continue for a long time.

That’s why smart Nigerian youths decided to go through the entrepreneurial journey and this has given rise to about 17.4million SMEs in Nigeria. People troop into the entrepreneurship world every day. It seems we have found a solution to unemployment since many people are now self-employed but, hey! It’s the beginning of another problem.

Most of these businesses never thrive beyond their first year, some manage to enter five years while some are just in business because the founder is still alive. No growth, no progress, and a rapid decline in sales. When these happen, they get tired, some fall into depression with the thought of how to repay loans, some become useless and some give up on life by throwing in the towel.

We cannot fold our arms to see this happen to the dreams and aspirations of people, we know entrepreneurship is great but, there is a need to do it the right way if we don’t want it to be another problem to our society.

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A Simple Guide to Making Money through Writing as a Student

After a careful review of the articles you’ve written on social media space and a couple of awards you’ve won as a student writer, you realize that it is possible to monetize your writing skill. However, as much as you are passionate about getting things right, you are not sure if writing is the best way to make passive income or you don’t know how you can utilize your writing skill to make money while in school.

Writing is one of the oldest forms of art that still maintain its relevance to date. The importance of writing in today’s society is what makes it a hot cake in the market, so if you are in doubt if writing could fetch you a fortune, fasten your seatbelt and ride with me. In this post, you will learn a simplified way to monetize your writing skill without having a negative effect on your academics performance.

I understand that doing an extra job as a student can be tiring and can as well have an adverse effect on performance. That’s why it is important to learn how you can balance your academics life and extracurricular activities, before thinking of monetizing your writing skills. The ability to prioritize and manage time is one of the top skills you must imbibe if you would eventually make money through writing.

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