Sometimes we waste resources simply because we fail to utilize the right instrument that would have helped us to achieve greater result. As simple as it sounds, I usually spilled part of the petrol meant to fuel my generator to the floor, because I failed to utilize the funnel that would have directed the fuel into the tank without wasting what I spent money to purchase. I use the generator and fuel example for the sake of those who don’t know what a funnel is, let me quickly give a little explanation; a funnel is the “V – Shaped” device used to convey/direct liquid substance from a container to another container with tiny tail. It usually has a wide opening and very narrow ending. See picture below;

A funnel

What is the relationship between a funnel and business growth?

Every business idea has the capacity to solve global problem; but is impossible for any start-up to sell to the entire world at large.

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Growth is the proof of life. A plant is still living because it’s growing. The day anything stop growing, it automatically means it has started dying. Hence, every business must keep experiencing growth. Some call it making progress; but, whichever way you see it, ensure you are not stagnant. Business growth is a must and you must understand that!!!

The growth of your business is primarily your responsibility. Every business owner must pay adequate attention to growth. However, increase in customer base is not all that it is to growth, if you are growing customer base without an improvement in the services you render or products you offer; it will only take a little time for competitors to force you out of business. The MACLEAN brothers left Africa because they fail to grow the brand; CLOSE UP has stood the test of time because they grow their brand to retain their customers and even increase the customer base.

Hence, for the purpose of this post, I will be maintaining a focus on how to create a profile for your business.

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