There is no singular business owner that will be happy if no one knocks to buy his products or patronize his services. My mentor will always tell me this; if you are not making sale, you are not in business which means – selling is the very heart of every business! and you must know the secret of the smart seller to really stand out.

When I launched my brand, as a public relations specialist with adequate knowledge of digital marketing, I leverage on all social media platforms to promote and advertise my brand. I got likes and comments but I was not making sales. I thought to myself; marketing is all that’s required to make sale, why am I not getting the desired result?

I am sure this is one of the challenges of many entrepreneurs; you’ve spent so much on marketing and advertisement but sale isn’t coming through. Well I will like to open your eyes to the secret of the smart sellers of our time. This secret has been around for decades but, only a few have tapped into the opportunity.

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An entrepreneur with the mindset of achieving really great results will not just think about what to sell and how to sell; he would also ensure to think about who will buy what he is selling. Some small businesses die because the owner utilizes an archaic concept of marketing – the production concept. Many produce what they feel the society needs and force it on them to buy.

If you must sell, you must be willing to ask questions. The idea of entrepreneurship is the problem solving capability but, the question is; the problem you are solving, is it the immediate needs of the people you are selling to? Before you launch an enterprise, you must sit down and ask yourself;