You don’t own a business until you own the name legitimately

There are many persons in business today who owns the business in reality but legally, they are not the owner. It is important to let you understand this; a simple short and unique business name is not all you need to secure your business.

I have seen a business that had run for almost ten years, making profit, and own a space called office for its operation. The business owner has a distinct name for the business which separates his personality from the business as different legal personality. He met the shock of his life when he was offered a court injunction for infringement on another proprietor business’ name. He had to change his business name and give it out to the other party. Continue reading “WHY YOU NEED TO REGISTER YOUR BUSINESS NAME”


You are not in business until your identity is not in conflict with the business identity – Sam Agunbiade

In my last post “building a corporate image for your business”, I walk you through the need to get a name for the business you are running. Through interaction with entrepreneur, I find out that many don’t even know how to get a name for the businesses they are running. Some have great skills and ability, some are already making cool cash from what they do; but the best they’ve been able to achieve is that their personal name has gained enough popularity.

It is of utmost importance to understand that; your personality and your business are two entities which must be treated as such. Your name can be your identity, but your business must be given a separate and legal identity to make it meaningful. Continue reading “HOW TO CREATE A GOOD BUSINESS NAME”


Having a corporate image is like giving identity to a new born child; it gives sense of uniqueness……. Sam Agunbiade

One of the best things that can happen to your business is to give it an image that’s formal. No matter how little the business might look, your presentation will determine how people will treat your brand.

Most entrepreneurs end up offering their services free or get a token for services that should have landed them a bunch of cash. Some even sell products cheaper than what originally would have been sold for better price.

Have you ever wondered why shopping mall sells goods at prices higher than the ones you will get from a retail store in your street?

Do you know why a classy boutique sells at higher price than a retail store selling the same product? Continue reading “GIVE YOUR BUSINESS A CORPORATE IMAGE”