CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY – 5 practical steps to grow your business using content marketing

Content Marketing Strategy

You don’t want your business to walk on thin ice; that is why it is important to put in place a professional Content Marketing Strategy. That will aid the growth of your business. It is no longer news that; traditional marketing is fading off gradually and the entire world is tending towards doing business digitally. Recently, SEMrush made it clear that; businesses using professional content marketing strategy land 434% more search engine results pages (SERPs). And generate 97% more backlinks than businesses that neglect content marketing. It is worthy of note that; these results increase sales leads and costs them 62% less. When compared with what they would spend on traditional marketing.

Consumers tend to search for what they want online before visiting a physical store. This accounts for the reason we have tremendous growth in eCommerce in recent years. The decline in traditional marketing has made many service providers lose clients to others that leverage the internet to market their services. As a forward-thinking entrepreneur or business owner, you wouldn’t want your business to become obsolete. Hence, the need to take the right step before it is too late.


Content marketing can be seen as a premeditated selling approach focused on crafting or creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content. This is to draw in and retain an outlined audience and in the long run, influence customers to take action that would increase sales and profitability. Think of content marketing as the convincing way you approach potential clients and compel them by the virtue of valuable information to turn them to actual leads.

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