CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY – 5 practical steps to grow your business using content marketing

Content Marketing Strategy


Brand awareness can be achieved in various ways, businesses can leverage on different methods to achieve their marketing goals. The bottom line is, everyone wants to sell and make a profit. But, the ability to achieve great results with a cost-effective marketing plan will make a huge difference in the balance sheet. Late last year (2019) the State of Inbound reported that; 53% of marketers considered content creation as number one on their list. While 29% of B2B marketing budgets are consumed by content marketing. There are loads of benefits to derive from having a standard content marketing plan in place. In this article, I will mention a few of them;
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a. Improve brand awareness and reputation

Content is seen as a mere technique to differentiate your brand from others but in recent times, it has become a necessity for business survival. You don’t go online and trust any brand to deliver superior service if they’ve not convinced you that; they know their onions very well. It is impossible to assume a brand is in existence if no one has introduced them. No one is interested in closing deals with a ghost – meaning, you must be known by your audience if you want to make sales.

However, beyond the knowledge of your brand, people do business with who they trust. Just as employers seek after candidates with a wealth of experience, the same applies to customers before hiring any brand. Quality, relevant, valuable, and consistent content introduces you (your brand) to potential customers (brand awareness). And convinces them that; you are the best in your niche (brand reputation).

b. Quality Contents influence Conversions

Customers trust what you say in your own words than what ads places before them. Leveraging on paid ads is one of the beautiful ways to reach potential clients. The bad news is; 60% of humans do not appreciate unsolicited pop-ups that suggest what they should buy rather than what they want. Optimized contents help your SEO efforts and enable your brand to rank high in organic search. The beautiful thing is; when your business rank high in organic search, it means people that really want to buy from you are the ones reading about you. When they type in a particular keyword and search engine ranks you between numbers one to ten, then there is every tendency that 70% of the clicks will lead to sales.

c. Content Marketing is cost-effective

You’ve got an amazing brand with expert hands to deliver top-notch services but, you are just start-up with low revenue. If you really want to generate leads without crashing your funds, the best way is to dedicate your time and energy towards content marketing. According to Demetrics which was also buttressed by SEMrush, companies that utilize a solid content marketing strategy spend 62% less compared to using traditional marketing. Lead generation is important to every business that wants to stand the test of time. However, lead generation requires a lot of marketing efforts but, a targeted, structured and cost-effective marketing effort yields a better result than anything. How can you achieve this? Your guess is right – Content Marketing. The ROI on content marketing is something you wouldn’t dare to ignore if success means anything to you.

d. It differentiates you from competitors

Standing out in a unique manner is the goal of every business owner. You don’t want your reputation to be tainted and mistaken for some mediocre brands. And ultimately, it is not right for your competitors to gain the loyalty of your clients. And I’m sure you are not willing to let go of the customers you’ve built a relationship with over time. How do you stay ahead of customers? Create content that will establish you as an authority in your field. Content that will not only sell your brand to customers but will also solve customers’ problems and give them the opportunity to interact with you.

e. Aids the audience retention

Great content marketing strategy gives room for audience engagement which makes a positive impact on your potential customers and compels them to revisit. It’s one of the greatest assets you can have as a marketer or a business owner. Your social media traction becomes better and more successful if a great content marketing strategy is employed.

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