CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY – 5 practical steps to grow your business using content marketing

Content Marketing Strategy


Don’t just jump into writing without an adequate understanding of what people in your niche are searching for. Always remember, quality content must be ranked in the search engine which will cause an increase in the number of the visitor through organic search. The search engine must be able to find your content valuable for the user and the user as well must be able to find your content useful for their needs. So how do we achieve this?

Keyword Research

The first thing you must do is called keyword research. You can use Google tools or SEMrush or Spyfu to conduct beautiful keyword research. If your niche is dominated by a brand with high authority or your content is too generic, you might want to consider a long tail keyword for your content. Be sure that; what you are writing about is in demand and ensure to use a creative but searchable title. Get as many keywords as possible. I’ll advise you to get a spreadsheet to outline your keywords. This will help you build content in bits and get the attention of the search engine.

Avoid plagiarism

You must understand this as well; Content marketing is useful when you use the right keywords to convey your message. Ensure to avoid keyword stuffing else you’d be penalized. Above all, write Search engine optimized content and write for humans as well. If your content rank high in search engine but not useful to the consumer, it is nothing but a wasted effort. I will write a comprehensive post on keyword research later. If you don’t have all the time to do the writing, feel free to contract it to a professional. Understand this: plagiarized contents are bad energy – AVOID IT!!!

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