We cannot but pay attention to the hottest but dreadful news in town – COVID-19 (Corona virus) if truly we are in #business and its continuity is our priority. WHO has recently declared this highly contagious disease a #pandemic.

Globally, there have been over 182,000 confirmed cases (those who have tested positive) and about 7,100 deaths (Just in 4 months!). Corona has forced countries to close borders against one another, no matter the level of political affinity or international alignment. Hence, EU+UK would not be able to travel to the US in the next one month. Even, within the EU, Germany, France, Spain, etc. are declaring lockdowns and closing borders against entry for non-citizens! Schools and markets have been closed and people are working from home.

African countries are not left out and recently, Nigeria bans entry for travelers from thirteen countries because of five confirmed cases of corona virus. The restriction will apply to travelers from countries with more than 1,000 cases. They include China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Japan, France, Germany, the United States, Norway, UK, Netherlands and Switzerland; this takes effect from March 20.

Why you should worry as business owner

We need to understand #environment as one of the major factors that affect the growth and development of business in any nation. And when we talk about environment, health is principal. We need to know that: no business can survive when the health of the operators is compromised. This is why every business owners that want to remain in business must worry about COVID-19

The recent government policy especially in Lagos which has been adopted by Ogun State government, which in no time if this virus is not curbed will become a national policy on closure of schools and any gathering that brings above 50 people together is assuredly a big blow on the nation’s economy.

This policy will indirectly force some organizations to lockdown operations, people who survive on coaching business will have to devise means to reach out to students in bits, FOREX trainers and network marketers will have to calm down on physical training. Importation and exportation business will be adversely affected, food vendors and eateries will be given new rules of business; I hope the regular market for market women will not be shut down pending corona saga is brought to an end. All these and many more will slow down things; it will affect business growth and have a direct impact on profitability.

Simple guide to business continuity during covid-19

If we decide to worry too much about the virus and its effect on our economy, it may lead us to a point where we will lose sight of solution oriented thoughts, we will focus on the problem until it finishes us and our hard built businesses. Hence, as we join hands with health providers and government to eradicate this August visitor, here are few suggestions that can help SMEs to boost sales and develop brands;

  1. SHIFT PLAN AT YOUR PLACE OF WORK: If your business is the one that requires member of staff that exceeds the approved gathering threshold as announced by the government to be physically present at the office; share their work into two batches, the first set would work their part from morning till afternoon and the second set will take over from them. With this model in place, you can decide to make people whose jobs do not give room for such shifts to keep at it while you put them in mind to regulate shift plan.

2. WORK FROM HOME: This would be considered as the best option at a time like this; you can assign task to people and they will carry out their respective duties from home. Only the few that requires resources that can only be accessed at the office will be allowed in. This will reduce the risk of exposure to contacting diseases. You can leverage on applications like “slack” to track performance and assign duties.


3. EMPLOY THE SERVICE OF DIGITAL MARKETERS: If your business survives on the work of your sales executives, this is a time to upgrade your sales mode from the regular traditional to digital. Employ the service of professional digital marketer who will reach potential client by mere usage of target marketing and tracking performance with analytics. (You can contact UPEN Business Communication on or 08068753732). We will help you to stay ahead in your industry while we all look for solution to #COVID-19. We can as well train your staff remotely to boost your brand. A call can transform your business health.


4. TAKE YOUR TRAINING ONLINE: The advent of social media has made it possible to gather people in one place and reach out to them. Whatsapp will permit you to train 256 people at the same time, telegram will permit you to train unlimited people at the same time and you can decide to create video lectures which will help your audience to relate with your message without stress. If you need help on how to create your course and how to make it accessible to people, send me an email @ or call/chat: 08068753732


5. LEVERAGE ON COURIER SERVICES FOR PRODUCT DELIVERY: For people in business that sells tangible goods, leverage on courier services to reach out to your client. You can discuss on phone, they’ll come pick up the product and take it to the necessary place.

COVID-19 is on a mission to crumble our economy and businesses; we must not give room for that. If your business is facing challenges and you need help, reach out to us for consultation and you will be rightfully advised.

As we move to utilize alternative channels to grow our brand, let us be fully involved in creating necessary awareness to reduce the risk of infection. Let us take precautions and educate our staff/co-workers on how to stay safe. Remember, until you make the right decision, you cannot take the right action and until you take the right action, you cannot be successful.

What else do you think we can do to grow our business amidst COVID-19 saga? let the world learn from you by using the comment box. I will also like to know if this post was helpful. Cheers to sound health and business growth

Sam Agunbiade

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