Is Entrepreneurship the Solution to Unemployment in Nigeria or the Advent of Another?

Entrepreneurship a solution or another problem

Most of the time we tend to see entrepreneurship as the solution to the unemployment condition of Nigeria, but in the real sense is it truly the solution or another disaster waiting to happen?

Nigeria Economy and system is one that makes life difficult for the common man, after spending years at the University, a common man finds it hard to get a befitting job. About 21.7 Million Youths are unemployed in Nigeria as at the time of writing this post, some of the employed are over-utilized and underpaid. It seems this order is going to continue for a long time.

That’s why smart Nigerian youths decided to go through the entrepreneurial journey and this has given rise to about 17.4million SMEs in Nigeria. People troop into the entrepreneurship world every day. It seems we have found a solution to unemployment since many people are now self-employed but, hey! It’s the beginning of another problem.

Most of these businesses never thrive beyond their first year, some manage to enter five years while some are just in business because the founder is still alive. No growth, no progress, and a rapid decline in sales. When these happen, they get tired, some fall into depression with the thought of how to repay loans, some become useless and some give up on life by throwing in the towel.

We cannot fold our arms to see this happen to the dreams and aspirations of people, we know entrepreneurship is great but, there is a need to do it the right way if we don’t want it to be another problem to our society.

Thought leaders acknowledge cash flow as the life of every business and you’ll agree with me that cash flow is impossible without sales. These small businesses die not because the proprietor lacks passion or skill, but because many of them lack the most important business skills – Selling. And selling is not possible without marketing the right way and you cannot market the right way if your branding is poor.

Many small business owners understand this truth and they have a desire to brand and market the right way. But, the branding and marketing agencies out there are too expensive for these small businesses trying to make little sales. Most of the small businesses started as a means of survival, how do you expect them to pay heavily for branding, marketing, and consulting? Yet these things are pivotal to the success of their organization. 

With the rapid growth in the number of people using the internet and social media, it became obvious that anyone can brand and sell anything to anyone online with the right strategy and expertise. This was affirmed based on experience. Samuel Agunbiade the founder of UPEN Business Communication started the sales of Cassava flakes “Garri” through WhatsApp in 2016 as an undergraduate, when he left the university environment, he began to write thesis and blog post for clients he met online, in 2018 he started selling fashion items online – all of these brought together gave him an insight into helping small businesses to thrive, he recognized the fact that; if these small businesses can have access to quality yet affordable branding and digital marketing expert, the business will thrive, grow, and increase their cash flow by making more sales.¬†Entrepreneurship isn’t as easy as we think, but with the right support and tools, you can do more.

Sam decided to invest in knowledge by taking courses in branding and digital marketing, as an expert at what he does, he started helping friends to brand the right way and help them set up social media pages for paid ads and content marketing and in November 2018 he decided to expand his scope of influence which birth UPEN Business Communication today. 

At UPEN, we know we can make more money by targeting large organizations to buy our services but, we decided to focus on small businesses because we want entrepreneurship giants to rise from our dear country. We want to see dreams and aspirations come alive, we want multimillion-dollar companies to stem out of Nigeria which is our motivation to keep helping small businesses. This business (UPEN) that started as the idea of one man with passion and creativity to help other youth like himself has grown to become a creative evolution that now has teams of Business strategists, Business Developers, Marketing Experts, and Branding Experts, and clients from various industry, food, fashion, real estate, etc. scattered across the country. 

In our dealings with small businesses, we realized that many do not have a business plan because they felt it is too hard to write or too expensive to be contracted out, as solution provider, we decided to start developing business plan template for small businesses at affordable prices, this will guide them to write a befitting plan and make them understand more about their business. 

As an organization that has a genuine concern for the growth of small businesses, we have an online platform (LENS PLATFORM) where we teach, instruct, and educate people on the right way to do business. Our free training on personal branding, marketing the right way and business branding has sparked up and still sparking up business ideas in youths both graduates and undergraduates, to build sustainable brands that will outlive the founder. The platform houses about 300 youths across the nation.

We have served many small businesses, we are still serving many, and we are just starting. We are the branding, and digital marketing solution provider for every small business in Nigeria, why not join us as we sail through yet another year of productivity, growth, impact, and development.

Happy Anniversary to UPEN Business Communication.

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