In every race or competition, there is one thing that’s constant; amidst many competitors, there must be a winner. The winner is always tagged as the smartest or best competitor. No matter how hard you try, if you don’t win you are the loser. Business is a competition and, if success means anything to you in business, it must be that you are always striving to get ahead of your competitors.

Maybe because we use the word “competitor” in a friendlier manner when we discuss business; that’s why many business owners don’t pay necessary attention to it. Making sales isn’t all we have to business. The ability to retain your customers thereby increasing your customer base is very important. And you must realize that; every seller has the same goal to retain buyers and get regular patronage from them.

Don’t be deceived, business is a competition and only the smart players win the race. Why do you think Coca Cola keeps evolving with trends? When coke is sold for a hundred and fifty naira (₦150) bigi was selling a very closely related product with a bigger container for a hundred naira only. In a little while; our environment were littered with the plastic bottle of bigi and retailers tend to buy more of bigi product than coca cola products. Coca cola as a brand that never give up came up with strategy that will compete favourably in the market.

One thing you must understand is this; your competitor’s mindset is to be the voice that everyone hears, the product that everyone craves for and the service that everyone will want to utilize. Everyone in business wants to be the only one to sell to the niche he’s serving. It’s the joy of every business owner to sell a product that no one else will produce. But the moment there’s someone out there who sells what you are selling or offers what you are offering; you are in a competition already.

If you choose a niche that no one has ever targeted because you want to avoid competition, at the long run you will be forced to compete because someone will either expand or start offering what you call unique. This competition is the very reason why every entrepreneur has something called the fighting spirit. We all are in a race to be the best at what we do. That’s why marketing is never enough. Even big companies keep coming up with superb adverts sense just to ensure that; they are staying ahead of others.

Nevertheless, if it is your desire to stay ahead of your competitors; you must think the unthinkable and be willing do the undoable. What do I mean? You have to force yourself to think what others feel unreasonable and refine such idea to meet your business goal. One of the ways to achieve this is to have new hands with crazy innovative mindset to handle your ads placement and marketing strategy.

Much worse than overselling to a customer is underselling; I’m sure you can think of good reasons not to put more effort into marketing. You may feel your product is so exceptional that it should sell itself. But, ponder on it a little more. Good things do not come to those who wait. Build it and they will not come – they come to those who make them happen. If your competitors can do things to attract them; no one will even know if your offering is quality or quantity.

Marketing and selling are not activities that you do and then stop. You need to keep marketing and selling, marketing and selling and, even when you think you have done enough, and do some more marketing and selling. Think in terms of a campaign of ongoing action rather than a one-off event.

If you can’t seem to get face-to-face with your customers, try something different, change your tactics, and mix up your tricks. Ensure that on a regular basis you are constantly and consistently in contact and in touch with both the potential and actual customers. Get in touch with existing customers and chase for appointments and introductions, referrals and leads.

Communicate your brand and its benefits to the market non-stop. Tell the world what you have to offer, let them know about your existence. Take advantage of the internet and ensure you are consistent with your communication.

I want to see you winning and really happy. I’m available to help you grow your brand.

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