A Simple Guide to Making Money through Writing as a Student

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After a careful review of the articles you’ve written on social media space and a couple of awards you’ve won as a student writer, you realize that it is possible to monetize your writing skill. However, as much as you are passionate about getting things right, you are not sure if writing is the best way to make passive income or you don’t know how you can utilize your writing skill to make money while in school.

Writing is one of the oldest forms of art that still maintain its relevance to date. The importance of writing in today’s society is what makes it a hot cake in the market, so if you are in doubt if writing could fetch you a fortune, fasten your seatbelt and ride with me. In this post, you will learn a simplified way to monetize your writing skill without having a negative effect on your academics performance.

I understand that doing an extra job as a student can be tiring and can as well have an adverse effect on performance. That’s why it is important to learn how you can balance your academics life and extracurricular activities, before thinking of monetizing your writing skills. The ability to prioritize and manage time is one of the top skills you must imbibe if you would eventually make money through writing.

Do this… before thinking about monetizing your writing skill

Generating passive income as a student writer is not a get-rich-quick scheme! It is not “MMM”, it requires discipline, hard work, and serious commitment. This is not a piece of sad news, but you can follow this guide without making a dime if you fail to improve your writing skills. You cannot keep writing the regulars and expect clients to keep bringing their work to you. To improve your writing skills: take online courses that will help, read enough books, dedicate to write every day, write, and rewrite until it becomes your norm. Take a look at this to learn more. 

Student writers money making Guide

Choose a niche

No one will trust a service provider without a focus, in fact, you will not dare to trust a brand that’s a jack of all trades. The same applies to writers, It is better to concentrate on a particular field than trying to write for everyone. Choose the kind of audience you would love to address, this will influence your writing style and the kind of clients to work with. I will advise you to choose a niche that is related to your course of study in school, think of it like you are being paid to get better in your career.

Register on freelance platforms

There are lots of online platforms that allow people to work as freelancers. They are websites that connect service providers with people that are willing to pay for their services. Think of it as your school mini-mart, where people register with school authority to secure a space that gives you the opportunity to access whatever you desire to buy. You can try out Fiverr, Upwork, and others listed here.

Create a blog

You can decide to create a blog and give it a name that is associated with what is popular in your school, this will help you generate more traffic. For example, you set up a blog that gives the latest news on happenings within your campus, you can make money by running adverts for people, and you can also make money through Google Adsense.


There are endless ways of making money through writing as a student, my candid advice for you is to take a course under someone who has a proven track record of making money through her writing skills. I recommend Teefaith. The beautiful thing is, you can do all of your writing work and make money using your smartphone.

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