At the start of any business, one of the major concerns of every business owner is to place his brand where it matters. You want to ensure that; the entire world notices what you are selling. Marketing becomes the next concern of business owners after business launch.

To overcome this concern, you will have to design flyers, write brochures, pay for bill boards, and if you would like to be seen on the digital map, you will have to leverage on all social media platforms for the sole reason of getting noticed.

All of these efforts put together do not necessarily mean you will achieve the goal of your business why? Many business owners pay attention to marketing and give less thoughtfulness to selling.

Good marketing strategy aids selling but, a good selling strategy makes marketing effective and efficient. This is the twist of selling that most people do not pay attention to. If your goal is to market your brand, you will achieve this goal with less people knocking to buy; but, if your goal is to sell, your marketing strategy will bring in customers to buy.

The reason is this; the goal you set will determine the kind of strategy you will embark on.  Let me help your understanding; the young men and women we see on the street going up and down with bank packages are usually called marketers by the populace – ask a professional, he will tell you that; they are sales persons.

Here is what I mean; marketing raises your profile, it lets customers know what you offer. But unless you are lucky, chances are that your customer will quickly move on and forget you.

A marketer informed you about a product; a sales person convinces you about a product and ensures you make a purchase. Therefore, if the goal of your business must be achieved, you have to become an aggressive sales person.

People handling out leaflets on the street, people stuffing pamphlets through your letter box, pop-up windows when you are surfing the web, those are marketing tools. And I’ll bet you don’t respond to those very often.

However, offering free ice cream samples on the street, pointing out the natural flavors, handing out a voucher for a buy-one, get-one free offer, and then personally guiding interested customers back to the shop – that’s selling.

Following up a marketing brochure with a phone call, an email, another phone call, yet another, and then a meeting – that’s selling. If marketing is letting people know what you offer, selling is showing them the value of what you offer.

The goal of every enterprise is to sell and make profit. A better approach to business won’t be just about marketing; it will go on to selling aggressively. This is the thin line between marketing and selling that you must pay attention to.

You don’t place adverts and wait for customers to start calling; if they call once, call them twice or thrice; If they didn’t call at all, go all out for them and do things that will bring them closer.

I want to see you winning and really happy. I’m available to help you grow your brand.

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