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This eBook will grant you a personal guide to go beyond the personality you acquire through the script written by nature, friends, certificate, and peer influence. It will grant you an inner breakthrough


The first edition of my Monthly eBook tagged IBEYONDME

In this monthly publication, you have one of the best and most effective ways to get aligned with your life purpose: by spending time with people who have been remarkably successful at living theirs. Every month IBEYONDME interviews those who are legends in their own fields about how they achieved success. And some other times we come up with fiction to aid your understanding of the topic to be discussed. In this publication, you will get a taste of what IBM readers enjoy every month, without charge. IBM is dedicated to bringing you the best knowledge and inspiration for living a life of balanced abundance. You have unique talents and gifts which no one else but you can give to the world. Our mission is to support you on your personal journey to discovering and living your personal destiny. IBEYONDME is a monthly publication targeted at empowering you to soar beyond the regular script written deep down in your heart by the environment you live in.


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