There is no point in running a business if no one knows what you sell? The advent of social media has avail small businesses the opportunity to increase their visibility in the most cost-effective way. To make this easier, there is a host of tools online with free or minimal cost access that would help every business owner to scale high in the online space.

If you have the time to utilize your mobile phones or sit behind your laptop, you can leverage the tools I will be sharing in this post to increase your brand awareness thereby boosting your visibility. That’s if you are not ready to hire professionals (Although, professionals will always do a better job). Some of these tools include; Graphics Tools (Canva, Adobe Spark, etc.), Content Curation Tools (Hootsuite, Buffer, etc.), Analytical Tools (Facebook Analytic,, etc.), Monitoring and Sharing Tools (Brand24, Sprout Social, etc.


Instagram, blog posts, Facebook posts with nice visual representations will always attract more attention than regular text. These tools can be of help; 

CANVA: This is a free straightforward design tool with templates and room for personal expression. Designs of all kinds can be made using this tool. It requires less technicality. You can use the website or download the mobile App.

ADOBE SPARK: Another free online graphic tool with high resolution and multiple templates for designs. You can make animations, videos, and images using this tool.  Desygner, Snappa, etc.


Automating your business process is one of the gifts you can gift your brand in 2021. You need tools like Hootsuite, IFTT, Buffer, etc. to schedule your content which will grant you the opportunity to show up on social media in a consistent manner especially with your timing. You can decide to create your content overnight and schedule it for posting. While going about your daily activities, these tools are busy working on your command.


Understanding how your audience responds and reacts to your content, offers, and ads will help you to understand if you’re talking to the right audience or not. Analytical tools give you insight into what your customers are saying, where they go, and what they are talking about. This will help your marketing goals in ways you can’t imagine. To get started, leverage the following tools: Facebook Analytics, Twitter Analytics,


You can track the progress of your competitors online, you can know what they say, do, and what people are saying about them. You can as well monitor what people are saying about your brand, the number of times you were mentioned, the topics you are tagged to, and lots more. These tools help you make the right decision about your brand. You can leverage any of these; Brand24, Sprout Social, etc. 

There are more than 4tools needed, but if you can utilize these very well, the result is ascertained. Which of the above tools do you use and which other would you recommend?


The best way to make jaw breaking sales in your business is for you to dominate and be the authority in your niche. The only way to achieve this is by staying ahead of every competition. If you do not outsmart your competitors, it means you will only partake from the crumbs of customers that fall from the table of your competitors.

The following are the ways to outsmart your competitors:


It’s funny that some business owners do not know who is stopping them from having the customers they are trying to serve. If you don’t know your enemy on the battlefield, do you think winning is possible? As you try to grow your brand, keep an eye on your competition.


A competitive analysis is the analysis of your competitors and how your business compares. By evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your competition, you can begin to formulate how to give your company an advantage. It helps you to understand the latest shift in the market and gives you the ability to determine the advantage and barrier of a particular product or service. It helps brands monitor how direct and indirect competitors are executing tactics like marketing, pricing, and distribution.


What if Monday to Friday are the Weekends; while Saturday and Sunday are the Weekdays, Will the weekend still be for Holidays?

It’s quite hilarious how we flow with the trends we grow with without much questioning. The moment you start having a thought that’s against the status quo, you are either a weirdo or you are practically missing out on a great deal.

While I strongly believe that there are norms, I also believe that change is constant and anyone can change the narrative irrespective of who started it. Okay, before you come with an attack of what the holy book taught about working for six days and resting the seventh day, I think you should just imagine our calendar was designed wrongly.

Don’t you think the beginning of a new week in the calendar could have been the end of a week or even a midweek? Maybe there is nothing like 24 hours, maybe all of these were put in place to determine the way we think, act, and see things. Which accounts for your birthday, celebration because the Calendar said so.

No one dares change what date the calendar confirms, we work and walk by the message given to us either by our watch or calendar. If the weather is dark and it’s 1 pm, science has an explanation to make us understand it’s not night yet.

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