Habit that Improves sales

One thing I have realized in books I buy at amazon is that every author will write “best-selling author” on the book cover and I keep wondering why I don’t see “best writing author”?  Well, the answer is simple, every entrepreneur becomes successful when his art pays the bill and place meal on the table. This is impossible without selling. Whatever you are offering; no matter how superb and qualitative it is; if you are not selling it means you are not in business. Hence, it will be convenient for me to say every entrepreneur is a sales person.

Habit is described as a usual way of behaving; what one does in a regular and repeated way. If selling is important to the success of any business, it is important to develop habit that will deliver result all of the time. Everything I have purchased in the recent times is the things that I found useful for myself. And I am sure you also buy things for the sake of the benefits you will derive from it. Any service that wouldn’t benefit you will not make you drop a penny from your bank account; no matter how superb such service is; except you are a victim of scammers.

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The successful entrepreneur is not the one who started a venture for the beauty of bearing the title ‘CEO’. But the one who identifies a problem and proffer necessary solution to such a problem. However, having products and/or services that meet the need of people doesn’t mean customers will come knocking at your door to buy. Having the right product is great but having a smart way to sell is better. If your venture is going to stand the test of time, you really need to get smart about selling what you have.

The greatest recommendation I can give to every ambitious entrepreneur is this; if there is only one thing you can get right, get the selling right. There are businesses that are great at what they do but can’t find a customer to pay for it. The truth is; your newly launched product and/or service will get you excited, but if you cannot get enough customers to pay for it, you will either sell harder or change what you offer.

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There is no singular business owner that will be happy if no one knocks to buy his products or patronize his services. My mentor will always tell me this; if you are not making sale, you are not in business which means – selling is the very heart of every business! and you must know the secret of the smart seller to really stand out.

When I launched my brand, as a public relations specialist with adequate knowledge of digital marketing, I leverage on all social media platforms to promote and advertise my brand. I got likes and comments but I was not making sales. I thought to myself; marketing is all that’s required to make sale, why am I not getting the desired result?

I am sure this is one of the challenges of many entrepreneurs; you’ve spent so much on marketing and advertisement but sale isn’t coming through. Well I will like to open your eyes to the secret of the smart sellers of our time. This secret has been around for decades but, only a few have tapped into the opportunity.

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