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But, a far as I know; many entrepreneurs usually jump the planning stage to making money stage. Everyone wants to make as much money as possible and they want it as early as possible. I have not seen a man who built a mansion without first getting the plan on paper. Yet, many persons build business without getting it on paper. A vision in your head differs not from only a dream or wish.

However, it is very easy to get romantic or idealistic about running your own business, but the reality of running a business is fraught with many tangible issues. You need to work through those issues in your vision before proclaiming yourself as the almighty CEO you’ve been craving to answer.

It interests me to tell you this; a time will come that you will have to communicate your vision to customers, potential investors and/or banks unless you are in the category of those happy entrepreneurs whose customers are themselves and family members. But, if you must succeed, you need to turn your vision into a plan.

You need a business plan even if you think you have it all worked out in your head. You might be surprised that it doesn’t come out as coherently when you need to explain it to a customer of a team member you need to hire. No matter how little the business might look to you; scribbling it on paper is the best thing you can do; that your business will thank you for in the nearest future.

A business plan helps you to crystallize your ideas, clarify your goals, and prepare to explain it to other people. It encourages you to focus on exactly what you need to do and pushes you to think about practicalities of founding your venture.

Writing a business plan is as much about clarifying your goals for yourself as it is to communicate your goals and persuade others. If you can’t write a plan that makes sense to yourself, how will you explain it to investors, suppliers, and customers?

Seriously, a business plan sounds more formal than it is actually. You don’t need an MBA to write one. If you have planned a party or prepare budget for a project work, you can write a business plan. It is merely a set of steps outlining what you are going to do and when you are going to do it. If your business is a destination, then business plan is your road map that will take you from wanting to get to getting there.

How much do you need to get the business off the ground? When will you start making money? How much money will you make and when will you earn enough to cover your costs? What kind of staff might you need to hire? Where will you get those e staff from? Writing it all out helps you make your idea concrete and clarifies your goals.

A business plan forces you to think about the major issues that all successful businesses have to contend with. A lot of entrepreneurs avoid writing business plans. A lot of businesses fail. Think there might be a correlation?

We can put you through or help you write a plan for your brand.

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